My family

My family (Моя сім’я)

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My name is Artem. My family consists of my parents and sister. We are living in the beautiful house in front of the park. The good atmosphere reigns in our house.

I love my parents very much. My father Andrii is forty-five years old and he works as a doctor in local hospital. He saves lives. I consider his work very important. I want to become a doctor too when I’ll grow up.

My mother Kateryna is almost forty years old and she is a teacher at school near our house. She always helps me with homework and explains to me difficult moments. I like to work with my mother, she has a lot of patience and she teaches me not to give up. She woke up early every morning and cooks the breakfast and then we go to school together. Mom works at the same school where my sister and I study.

My sister is very hard-working and smart. She is older than me, so that’s why she helps me with school. I like to play different games with her. But she doesn’t always like to play with me, because she is already an adult.

My parents are very kind. They are always ready to help everyone around. Every Sunday we go out of town or visiting museums and theaters. I am proud to have such wonderful parents and sister.


  1. Do you come from a large or small family? – У тебе сім’я велика чи маленька?
  2. How many of you are in the family? – Скільки вас в сім’ї?
  3. Have you got any sisters or brothers? – У тебе є сестри, брати?
  4. What is your mother’s name? – Як звуть твою маму?
  5. How old is she? – Скільки їй років?
  6. Does she work? – Вона працює?
  7. Where does she work and what does she do? – Де вона працює і що робить?
  8. What is your father’s name?  – Як звуть твого батька?
  9. Is he older than your mother?  – Чи він старший за маму?