My dream (Моя мрія)

my dream

Everyone has a dream, sometimes few of them. Our imagination draws them to us, making us to move forward all the time. If people didn’t know how to dream, the bulk of inventions wouldn’t have seen the world. Thanks to the dreamers, the human race reached the level that we have now. And now I’ll tell you about my dream.

I often dream about different things while going to bed: far trips, superpowers, about getting unusual and interesting job, for example wild animal trainer.

I don’t know if this can be called a dream, but I really want to get a dog. Mom says that this is very big responsibility, and that the dog takes a lot of time, but I still do not lose hope that someday I will have a husky puppy. These dogs are very smart and beautiful. Sometimes it seems to me that they are almost like people. Everything understands, but cannot say.

My friend told me that he dreams of becoming captain of the ship. He is attracted to long distances, the sea and adventures. In my opinion, this is a very dangerous profession. But everyone has his own dreams and, probably, someday he will really sail away from the shore, standing on a white ship, and will become a real sea wolf.

Of course, I would like all our dreams to come true, but some of them should remain dreams.


  1. What is your dream? – Яка твоя мрія?
  2. Have you ever dreamt about space? – Чи ти колись мрія про космос?
  3. What is our best friend’s dream? – Яка у твого найкращого друга мрія?
  4. Which your dreams come true? – Які твої мрії втілились в реальність?
  5. Which of them you want to become true? – Які з них ти хочеш виконати?
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