Моя школа (My school)

My school is in the centre of the city. It’s a four-storeyed building. When you enter our school you find yourself in a large hall. To the left there is a pupils’ cloak-room.

On the first and the second floors, there are the primary school classrooms. Besides these classrooms there is an assembly hall, a headmaster’s office, a doctor’s room and a library

The teachers room is on the third floor. There are also several study rooms there too. Among them there are Ukrainian. History and Physics study rooms. Our gym is on the third floor too

On the fourth floor there are Maths. Geography and Chemistry study rooms. There are the English study rooms on each floor.

There is the ground floor in our school too. There is a canteen and a wood workshop there.

Слова до тексту:

four-storeyed – чотириповерховий

to enter – увійти

to find oneself – опинитися

a hall – вестибюль, хол

a cloak-room – роздягальня

besides – крім того

an assembly hall – актовий зал

a headmaster’s office – кабінет директора

a library – бібліотека

several – декілька

a study room – (навчальний) кабінет

Physics – фізика

a gym- спортивний зал

Chemistry – хімія

a canteen – їдальня

a workshop – майстерня

Запитання до тексту:

How many floors are there in your school? – Скільки поверхів у вас в школі?

Where are the primary school classrooms situated in your school? – Де розташовані класи початкової школи?

What else is there on the second floor besides the classrooms? – Що ще знаходиться на другому поверсі крім класних кімнат?

Is your assembly hall large? – Ваш актовий зал великий?

Is there a doctor’s room in your school? – У вас в школі є медичний кабінет?

Are there any workshops in your school? – Чи є в школі які-небудь майстерні?

What is there on the third and on the fourth floors in your school? – Що розміщується на третьому і четвертому поверхах у вас в школі?

Are there many English study rooms in your school? – У вас в школі багато кабінетів Англійської?