My room (Моя кімната)

My room is small. It is next to the parent’s bedroom. When you enter my room there is a bed to the left of the door. Near the bed there is a stand lamp. On the wall there is a carpet. It is brown, red and white. On the floor near my bed there is a rug.To the right of the door there is a wardrobe. Opposite the door there is a window. It faces the yard. There are white curtains on it. To the right of the window near the wall there is a writing table. On the wall above it there are bookshelves with my textbooks. My toys are in the box in the wardrobe. To the left of the window there is a small table with a TV set on it.

Слова до тексту:

a stand lamp – торшер

a writing table – письмовий стіл

a bookshelf (bookshelves) – книжкова полиця

Запитання до тексту:

Have you got a separate room in your flat?  – У тебе є окрема кімната в квартирі?

Is it small? – Вона маленька?

Is there a bed or a sofa in your room? – У тебе в кімнаті ліжко чи диван?

Is there a stand lamp or a lamp on the wall near your bed?  – У тебе біля ліжка торшер чи бра?

Do the parents let you read in the bed? – Батьки дозволяють тобі читати в ліжку?

Is there a TV set in your room?  – В твоїй кімнаті є телевізор?

Is your working place comfortable? – У тебе зручне робоче місце?

Where is there your writing table?  – Де стоїть твій письмовий стіл?

Where do you keep your textbooks? – Де ти тримаєш підручники?

Have you got many toys? – У тебе багато іграшок?

Where do you keep them? – Де ти їх тримаєш?

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