Таблиці: способи передачі прямої мови

Таблиця із прикладами передачі прямої мови.

Способи передачі непрямої мови


Типи речень

Type of sentences

Пряма мова

Direct Speech

Непряма мова

Indirect (Reported) Speech

Розповідне речення

He says, ‘I often play football.’

He said to me, ‘You are wrong.’

He said, ‘I must call her now.’

He says (that) he often plays football.

He told me (that) I was wrong.

He said (that) he had to call her then.

Наказове речення

He says to me, ‘Get your coat.’

He said to me, ‘Don’t go away.’

He said, ‘You’d better not drink this water.’

He tells me to get my coat.

He asked me not to go away.

He advised me not to drink that water.

Окличне речення

He said, ‘What a good idea!’

He said, ‘Thank you!’

He said, ‘Liar!’

He exclaimed that it was a good idea.

He thanked me.

He called her a liar.

Запитальне речення

1)      Загальне запитання

2)      Спеціальне запитання

He asks, ‘Is anyone there?’

He asked, ‘Did you see the accident?’

He asked, ‘Will you be here tomorrow?’

He says, ‘Laura, when is the next flight?’

He asked, ‘Why didn’t you come yesterday?’

He asked, ‘When shall I see you again?’

He asks if anyone is there.

He asked whether I had seen the accident.

He wondered if I would be there the next day.

He asks Laura when the next flight is.

He asked why we hadn’t come the day before.

He wondered when he would see her again.


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