Таблиці: підрядні речення

Про підрядні речення в англійській мові у форматі таблиці.

 Підрядні речення

Види підрядних речень


Підрядний підмет (Subject clause)

Where he got a gun is still unknown.

It is good that he decided to stay.

Підрядне предикативне (Predicative clause)

The trouble is that I was late for the train.

The weather is not what was in the morning.

Підрядне доповняльне (Object clause)

He told me that he had retired the year before.

We laughed at what we heard.

Підрядне означальне (attribute clause)

The man whom you mean is over there.

The watch which was bought by the man was very old.

Підрядна обставина (Adverbial clause of):

  • часу (time)
  • місця (place)
  • образу дії (manner)
  • цілі (purpose)
  • причини (cause)
  • поступка (concession)
  • умови (condition)
  • порівняння (comparison)

As soon as I arrive I’ll call you.

I shall go where my mother goes every year.

You ought to do it as we do.

I bought it there so you could have a look.

They were angry because we were late.

No matter what he says, stay calm.

If he is at home he’ll help me.

It is warmer today than it was yesterday.


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