Складні члени речення (Синтаксичні комплекси)

Таблиця із інформацією про складні члени речення (синтаксичні комплекси) в англійській граматиці.


Складні члени речення (Синтаксичні комплекси)

Складний підмет (Complex Subject)

іменник/займенник + інфінітив/герундій/дієприкметник

The train is expected to arrive in 5 minutes.

It’s difficult for me to meet you after classes.

Складна іменна частина присудка (Complex predicative)

The only way out is for him to change his will.

The good thing was my knowing the customs of those people.

Складний додаток (Complex Object) іменник/займенник + інфінітив/дієприкметник/прикметник/іменник

  • після дієслів want, wish, like, would like, need, prefer, consider, believe, know, think, expect, catch, find, leave і т.п.
  • після дієслів чуттєвого сприйняття hear, feel, see, watch, notice і т.п.
  • після дієслів make, let, have, get
  • після дієслів report, declare, pronounce
  • після дієслів wait, rely, listen, count
  • після дієслів order, ask, allow

I expect him to arrive in a few months.

They found the safe empty.

He wants this job done today.

She caught him reading her letters.

I saw him planting trees.

They heard the man cry with pain.

He made me phone her.

He had his car stolen last week.

She got him to repair the fence.

They reported the man missing.

He declared the work finished.

We were waiting for the door to open.

I rely on you to do it in time.

She wouldn’t allow her picture taken.

Складне означення (Complex Attribute)

The first thing for you to do is phone the doctor.

It was an idea of great importance.

Складна обставина (Complex Adverbial Modifier)

The tea is too hot for me to drink.

He motioned for me to sit down.


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