Влітку в лісі біля річки (In the Forest and Near the River in Summer)

I think that all seasons are good. We can find pleasant things in each season.

As for me I like summer best. In summer the days are the longest and the nights are the shortest. I have my summer holidays and my parents have their summer vacations.

We spend a lot of time together. We like to go to the forest or to the river beach. It is very beautiful in the forest. There are many flowers. They are bright. They smell wonderfully. After the rain there are many mushrooms in the forest. We like to gather mushrooms. My mother cooks them very well.

And on the river beach we get sunburnt. We swim in the river. My father can swim very well. Two years ago he taught me to swim too. We often play ball on the river beach.

Слова до тексту:

to find (found) – знайти

a pleasant thing – приємне

a vacation – відпустка

a beach – пляж

to smell (smelt) – пахнути

to get sunburnt – загоряти

to teach (taught) – вчити

Запитання до тексту:

What season do you like best? – Яка пора року тобі найбільше подобається?

Why do you like summer best? – Чому тобі більше за все подобається літо?

Do you spend a lot of time together with your parents in summer? – Ти багато часу проводиш разом з батьками влітку?

Where do you like to go together? – Куди ви любите ходити разом?

Do you like to gather mushrooms? – Ти любиш збирати гриби?

Who cooks mushrooms in your  family? – Хто готує гриби в сім’ї?

Do you like to spend time on the river beach? – Ви любите проводити час на річці?

Do you get sunburnt well? – Ти добре загоряєш?

Can you swim? – Ти вмієш плавати?

Who taught you swim? – Хто навчив тебе плавати?

What games do you play on the beach? – В які ігри ви граєте на пляжі?

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