Таблиці: прийменники часу

Про прийменники часу в англійській мові у форматі таблиці.

about, after, around, at, before, between, by, during, for, from, in, on, past, since, through, throughout, to, toward(s), until, till, within



Приклади вживання


Зазначення моменту в часі

Зазначення віку

at 3 o’clock, at dawn, at noon, at night, at dinner time, at  Easter, at this time, at once, at the age of 45


Вказівка на певний день, дату, момент.

On Sunday, on the 7 of January, on Friday evening, on Christmas day, on that day, on my birthday, on their wedding day


Вказівка на певний проміжок часу

Значення «через, за»

in the morning, in March, in 2012, in spring, in that age, in the past, in the future, in ten years, in seven days time


Вказує граничний строк

by 4 o`clock, by the end of September, by midsummer, by now, by then


Вказує на початковий момент

from yesterday, from dusk to dawn


Вказує на часову границю, закінчення терміну

The working hours were from ten to eight.

It’s a quarter to six.


Значення «до якогось моменту»

from two till four, till dark, till now, till doomsday, until last week, until then, until the end of the year, until further notice


Значення «з, починаючи з»

He has been on vacation since this Monday.

They seem to have changed since then.


Вказує на період часу

Вказує на визначений момент

to wait for years, to last for hours, for ever

The meeting was arranged for 11:30

He was left alone for the first time.


Вказує на період часу

during 2010, during the night, during his childhood, during my holidays, during


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