My School (Моя школа)

My school is a fine four-storeyed building. It is situated in the centre of the town in a picturesque street named Ivan Franko.In front of our school there are round flower-beds, where the pupils grow different flowers during their lessons in Crafts. Behind it there is a big sports-ground where the schoolchildren have their lessons of Physical Training.

There are different classrooms for the classes of Physics, Geography and Biology. They have slide projectors, schemes and charts on the walls. Chemistry and Physics classrooms have special laboratories well-equipped for different experiments and tests, which are done by our pupils during the lessons.

The first floor of our school is occupied by English, Polish and German classrooms. There one can find different pictures, maps, diagrams. On the second floor there are our gymnasium and assembly room, where we usually gather to celebrate different holidays. We decorate our assembly room with colorful balloons, slogans and pictures. I like my school!

WARNING: Ще один варіант тексту Моя школа зі словами та запитаннями українською та англійською мовами.

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