A day at a Zoo (День в зоопарку)

The sun rises. Most of the animals are waking up. One of the tigers yawns.He shows his sharp, white teeth. The peacocks walk around freely. The giraffes look tired! But the raccoon has been awake all night. This animal is ready to sleep. Zookeepers look over each cage. They want to make sure the animals have fresh water. One worker says good morning to the gibbons. Other workers clean up.


Soon the first visitors will arrive. The people who sell hot dogs and ice cream set up their stands. A worker opens the ticket booth. A vet comes to check on the baby panda. A large van drives up. The animals are very excited. Who could be inside? One of the peacocks peeks at the new arrival.


The zoo is open to the public. Everyone is eager to see the animals. The tigers are a little scary for some people! The gibbons make everyone laugh. Zookeepers take Sally, the friendly elephant, for a walk. Several people take photos of the new arrival. It’s an okapi from Central Africa. Some children buy balloons that are shaped like their favorite animals.


It’s time to feed the animals! The zookeepers give the penguins fresh fish. The pandas get bamboo shoots. The giraffes munch on green leaves. The gibbons can’t wait to eat their lunch! The visitors are hungry too. A long line forms at the hot-dog stand. Some people go for ice-cream cones instead. Others share a picnic lunch on a bench.


One of the gibbons has escaped! The zookeeper who fed them earlier left their cage door open. The naughty gibbon dashes around the zoo. He zips by visitors, sending hot dogs flying. The zookeepers quickly grab nets. They need to return the gibbon to the cage. At the same time, the vet keeps checking the animals. The giraffes and the pandas receive their weekly baths. Can you spot the pickpocket stealing someone’s wallet?


The zoo is about to close its doors. The visitors start to leave. But all of a sudden, the clouds darken. Rain pours down. Lightning flashes across the sky. The zoo is closed for the night. Darkness falls. Security guards patrol the grounds. They check that all the cages are locked. The raccoon creeps out of its hut. It will stay awake all night. The other animals curl up and go to sleep. It is quiet at last. But where’s the escaped gibbon?

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