Електронні книги (eReaders)

Have you got an eReader? Are you
thinking of getting one? We asked some eReader owners to give us their

There are many things that people like
about eReaders. “eReaders are really light, weighing less than most paperbacks,”
said Nathan Jones, a market researcher. “You can hold the book and turn the
pages with one hand. An eReader is definitely more comfortable to read in bed or
if you’re lying on a sofa, plus mine’s got a light so I can read in bed at
night without disturbing my partner.” Another big advantage is that you can
store hundreds of books on them. “eReaders are perfect for travel,” said Kiera
Smith. “You can have lots of books in one device, instead of carrying loads of
books in your luggage.” The search functions are also popular. “You can look
for a character by their name or for a place just by typing in the word. That’s
really useful,” said Megan Malone, a sales executive.

One user liked the function for increasing
font size. “I’ve got poor eyesight,” explained Harvey Callaghan, an engineer.
“But the eReader is perfect for me as I can increase the font size.” And
Jennifer Saunders said, “I like eReaders because they’re ecological. If we buy
an ebook, we’re helping to save trees as they don’t use paper. Also, my eReader
is solarpowered, so it only uses renewable energy.” Best of all is the availability
of hundreds of free books online. “Project Gutenberg* has millions of titles and
they’re all free to download,” said another user.

One of the biggest complaints is
that you can’t find certain titles. “Many books are simply not available in
electronic form,” said Daisy Madison, an estate agent. If you want a specific
book, one that is older, perhaps, or not a bestseller, it won’t be available –
at least, that was my experience.” Others complained about the small delay in
turning pages. “The gap between pressing the ‘next page’ button and the screen
showing the page is really annoying,” said Joel Bray, a shop assistant. “Also,
you can’t flick between pages so easily.”

So, what do you think?

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